Hope Rising Teams

Teams stay in our Hope Rising Team House.  This facility is able to house up to 40 comfortably.  The Team House features a kitchen, centralized living room area, male sleeping quarters (no bunk beds) with air conditioning , female sleeping quarters (no bunk beds)  with air conditioning, HOT water for showers, bathroom stalls, vanities and 24 Hour Security.


Hope Rising Christian Academy

Hope Rising Christian Academy provides an education to community children who would otherwise not be able to afford school. Our students attend with minimal to no cost to the families through our sponsorship program. Our goals at HRCA are to: provide an exceptional education with small class sizes and dedicated teachers, teach our students English in the hopes of better job opportunities in the future, and instruct our students about God and His love for mankind. We pray our students will take what they learn at school and impact their families, community, and country.

Hope Rising Fellowship

Hope Rising Fellowship is a church that strives to worship the one true Savior Jesus Christ.  Our vision is to reach our friends, family and community with the message of Jesus Christ. Christlikeness is a core value that we approach all our relationships with. Trusting one another as we work together encouraging all to live faithfully to what God calls us to.

Hope Rising Sports

Hope Rising has two sports seasons throughout the year: soccer from February to October, and basketball from November to January. Children in our area desperately need a place to play and our sports ministry gives them that opportunity. Not only does it give kids something to do, it also employs people from our community. We have three goals for our sports ministry: creating a safe environment, meeting physical needs, and meeting spiritual needs. We feed the kids every opportunity we have, and we end each practice with a devotion.

Hope Rising Children's Home

We are a safe haven for orphaned and vulnerable children who need temporary residential care to heal. During their time here their physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs are meet while they are awaiting reunification with biological family or integration into a foster family. We have trauma trained staff that stay with the kids 24/7 in small duplexes with no more than 6 children in each home. They are integrated into the community through school, church, and sports activities. Our hope and prayer is that God would send a family for every child that He brings here.


Hope Rising Christian Clinic

In July of 2019 we were able to open Hope Rising Christian Clinic. Our medical ministry provides exceptional healthcare to our community, giving some care who would otherwise go without. HRCC is open three days a week with eleven staff members, including two doctors and three nurses. We strive to provide both physically and spiritually for our patients. Each day we open our doors with staff/patient devotions. We currently have 2800 registered patients, including some that have traveled several hours to see our medical staff. In the future we hope to include dental care.