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Hope Rising Children’s Home was born from a place of deep brokenness for the Haitian people following a mission trip in the wake of the catastrophic 2010 earthquake. While in Leogane, a team from First Baptist Church Lavaca, Arkansas was burdened for the people of Haiti and the children they encountered at an orphanage that could not meet their needs. Recognizing God’s command to care for orphans, the idea for Hope Rising was born. This calling has grown from idea to action, and it continues to move forward. We firmly believe God has placed the community of Leogane, Haiti directly in our path. Local missions are a doorway through which the entire nation of Haiti can be reached with the redeeming gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our mission statement comes in three parts. It is designed to address the current physical and spiritual needs of the people of Leogane. It also focuses on the future and is committed to the rapid advancement of the gospel in Haiti. This is what it looks like:


Develop a safe and loving environment where physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs are met.


Declare the gospel of Jesus Christ to both the children and the community.


Disciple others to live like Jesus Christ and reproduce that life in others.