Family Fridays-John, Juna, Jonas, and Kenny

This week we went to visit John and Juna Jean and Kenny and Jonas. John Jean is 5 years old in Kindergarten and his sister Juna is about to be 3. They have a sweet family who are very involved in church and the mom works for us often at the school. Mom is participating in English club at church and trying to learn English to help her kids. When we arrived they invited us in their house and I was amazed at what I saw. Everyday when John and Juna come home from school, mom hangs their worksheets on the wall of their house to help them remember what they have learned. They asked us to pray that God would keep them close as a family and that they would do His will. They asked us to pray for the kids to do well in school. Please pray for this sweet family.


Kenny is 7 years old in Kindergarten and Jonas is 10 years old in second grade. They used to live with us at Hope Rising but have been reunited with their mom close by. Every time we go to visit them mom is very gracious and welcoming. The boys seem really happy to be living with mom, This time they couldn’t wait to show us the new tv they got. They were very excited about watching DVDs. Mom asked us to pray for Jonas specifically. He is having trouble at school and getting frustrated. She asked us to pray for wisdom in deciding what to sell to help support her family. Being a single mom with two boys is hard. Please pray for this family! Your continued prayer support helps us to be able to minister to these families.