Family Fridays- Annaïca and Cassandre

Jeff and I set out this last Friday excited to do another home visit. I didn’t say this last week but home visits were not actually my idea. After praying this summer for direction, Jeff and I both felt we wanted to do something to reach out to the families of our students, and we believe God led us to start the home visits. This week we had two girls, Annaïca and Cassandre. Annaïca Doirin will be four in October. She lives in the community behind us. Annaïca is an only child who lives with her parents, several aunts, and a grandmother. When we arrived at her house, we were invited into the back yard where everyone was hanging out in the shade on these large stone rectangles. It took me a moment to realize they were tombstones. In Haiti, people often bury their family members in their own yard. While this was different to me, it was just normal for them. We had a great visit with her mom and Jeff kept trying to get Annaïca to come to him. Jeff loves kids, but I guess Annaïca thought he wanted to take her back to school because she wouldn’t have anything to do with him! Her mother asked us to pray for their family, that God would provide for them and help them to be faithful to Him. While we were praying, I was contemplating the tombstones and a gep (small wasp) stung me on the back of the leg. This combination of things diverted my attention. In the midst of this I became aware that while God was there working, Satan was also there distracting. I believe God goes with us into each home to show His love to our families. I believe this is important to God, so therefore Satan is going to try and disrupt us whenever he can. This actually made me excited because I know God is working and I am so happy to be a part of it.

Our next house was Cassandre. Cassandre Elismè turned four in May. When we arrived at her house, her teenage sister was bathing her baby brother in a bowl in the yard. Cassandre was very proud and wanted to show us her brother. Her mom was in the yard washing clothes. She was very gracious and invited us to come in and sit down. Cassandre lives with both parents, but neither parent has a job. They are very poor, but Cassandre always looks amazing. Her mother asked us to pray for their family, that God would keep them close to Him and watch over their children. I am always amazed by people’s prayer request here. Each time someone asks to be kept close to God it is both encouraging and challenging to me. It reminds me of what is truly important and causes me to re-evaluate my priorities. Regardless of our circumstances, I pray this is always our prayer!

As an update, Matt went by with Jeff and checked out our family with the roof issue. We will be planning a repair as soon as possible.