Over the past few weeks death has affected many people and organizations in our little area of Haiti but it happens every second of everyday all over the world. I guess what bothers me most are those deaths that could have easily been prevented with medical care. Like asthma, infected cut, malaria, and the list goes on. I would assume, like Haiti, that most people in third-world countries can’t afford medical care and even if they could most medical care isn’t worth the money. For anyone interested this is what’s going on with Haiti’s medical care….
It’s a huge problem! What’s an even bigger problem is Christians not having urgency to share the gospel with everyone. No one is promised their next breath and we must see people this way.
It wasn’t long ago that I was holding Kevens, a 3-month old baby boy weighing only 5 pounds suffering from severe malnutrition.  

I had him in my care for less than 24 hours before having to send him to an inpatient hospital where he died just a few weeks ago. I remember laying in bed with him on my chest all night trying to raise his body temperature and just praying that each breath he took wouldn’t be his last. I was exhausted the next morning emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We must treat everyone as if their next breath is their last. We should all be exhausted. When I heard Kevens had passed away I wasn’t really even sure what to feel and my initial response shocked me. I felt relief. Yes, you heard me right. I was relieved because I know without a doubt where Kevens is now.  I was relieved because Kevens would not have to know the difficulties of surviving in Haiti. I was relieved that he would never see the sin and destruction that our eyes see everyday.  I was relieved that he was chosen by God to be taken away from this imperfect world and placed with the One that loves him most. God had a different plan for Kevens and maybe He did for one of your children too, I know He did for one of ours.

Unfortunately not everyone’s story ends like Kevens. Not everyone will spend eternity with Christ. Will it be because of you? Will their blood be on your hands? They have everything to lose. What do you have to lose?
We lost a sweet lady in our church this past week.  She came every Sunday and has been sick for a long time but we didn’t know how to help her. Her daughter works for us and came in one night and said her mom was almost dead. Matt went over the next morning and put her in the hospital but she didn’t live through that day.  It was too late. I went to bed that night wondering if she really knew the Lord.  I know she claimed to be a Christian but many will claim Christ and He will say He doesn’t know them. Was she one of these? Are you one of these? I was. We need to be sharing the gospel without fear with everyone. Even those faithful attenders of your church.  Don’t assume they are Christians. Satan will deceive them into believing they are Christians. He did me. Teach on the power of the Holy Spirit because He is your assurance! If He is not active in your life be scared. Examine yourself and teach others to do the same.
Everyone is promised a first death…it is coming. BUT praise the Lord we do not all have to partake in the second death. And hallelujah one day soon death, suffering, poverty, orphans, sickness, SIN will be no more!!! Even with good medical care there are incurable mental and physical problems. What better way to share the gospel in those situations?  There is not hope in the worldly things but there is HOPE in things eternal.  There is hope for eternal healing. Don’t you want as many people as possible to experience that with you? We should not be looking at any situation as hopeless. Our hope is in Christ and if we have lost hope in something then our hope was misplaced.
So lets get off our couches and get on to the battlefield with courage and hope because death has already been defeated!!