All Things!

Well, this is a long overdue blog and I don’t know why it has taken me so long to sit down and write it, but here it is. As many of you know our daughter, Kaylea, was recently diagnosed having Type 1 Diabetes.  For those of you that don’t know the difference between types 2 and type 1 diabetes I will try my best to explain.  Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that causes your pancreas to stop producing insulin. We do not know what caused it and we may never know.  What we do know is that without insulin you will die so the way Kaylea gets insulin now is through shots.  She checks her blood 7 times a day minimum and gives herself 4 shots a day minimum.  This is not something she will ever outgrow and is a lifetime change for her.
            Let me go back and say that we never suspected that Kaylea was diabetic but from her tests she had been for at least three months prior to us finding out. We knew something wasn’t right with her back in October but never suspected diabetes because we didn’t know the symptoms. She had all the symptoms…. nausea, headaches, leg pains, weight loss, excessive thirst, frequent urination, loss of appetite, and extreme fatigue. We knew we would be returning to the states for Thanksgiving and would get her checked by her doctor soon enough so we were not too worried and definitely didn’t see it as an emergency. 
            I knew something was coming. God warned me. I just didn’t know what.  He kept bringing the same verse to me, Romans 8:28, which is one of my life verses. “He works all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”  What I always think of when I am quoting this verse is the part “all things for good”. Good. In some people’s mind good is good right? Wrong. Good is what God sees as good because He can turn what is evil for good. He makes it GOOD! We only see pieces of His plan that we don’t understand and that’s OK because He sees the whole plan and He is GOOD! All we need to do is believe that He is good and that He will work ALL things for good because He loves us and it’s for a greater purpose. There is a reason. This did not come as a surprise to Him. He is still on the throne. He is preparing Kaylea for something GREATER. He is teaching us something along the way. He showed himself to Kaylea in all this and she needed to see Him.
            When we got back to the states we had our annual girls shopping trip to Branson planned the day after we arrived. It was on that trip that God used my mother to save Kaylea.  I am tearing up just thinking about how good He is. Out of the blue my mother developed diabetes last year. God is good! I now wonder if it was because God needed to use her to save her only granddaughters life. My mom almost immediately recognized the symptoms of diabetes. She attempted to test her on our way to Branson but because of Kaylea’s extreme fear of needles she couldn’t get an accurate reading.  A day later Kaylea continued to worsen and my mom again tested her after she had fasted all night. Her blood sugar was extremely high and after an hour or so of failed attempts to get it down enough to get her back to Arkansas we decided to take her to the ER in Branson.
            When we got taken back the on call doctor came in to see Kaylea. He just so happened to have been raised as a missionary kid in Africa and asked Kaylea if she was a Christian and just reminded her who was in control of all this. God is good! We then got the news that Kaylea had (DKA) high ketones in her blood and would have to be transferred to a pediatric facility. The ambulance ride was Kaylea’s favorite part. She was so scared and the paramedic with us was great to help calm her down. God is good! Once we arrived in ICU at Arkansas Children’s Hospital another physician whose parents had been missionaries in Haiti and her sister was even born there. God is good! I cannot begin to tell you how supportive and encouraging everyone was at children’s hospital. The only worry I really had was how Kaylea would get over her fear of needles to deal with this. But I didn’t have to worry because God is good! Kaylea experienced God perform a miracle in her life. He removed her Moutain. Fear of needles one second, gone the next, and that is nothing short of a miracle. God is good! She got to see how perfect His timing was in every little detail of her diagnosis. I pray she never forgets His faithfulness in all this.  I stand in awe at how He worked ALL THINGS FOR GOOD.  Things that we would have never seen on our own as good.  I hope one day Kaylea will tell her own story, but until thin I will sing of God’s goodness in her life!