Clearing the confusion

There has been much confusion in regards to orphans and Hope Rising.  I am writing today to clear that confusion.  Hope Rising does not have a children's home……yet.  We do help orphans in other facilities in Haiti but those children we minister to right now are not ours.  What Hope Rising does have is a vision and in that vision lies a children's home.
Just like the Israelites God gave us the end vision before we started the journey.  And just like the Israelites, He has a specific way He wants us to go in order to reach the promised vision. Each day we are dependent on God to show us where to go and what to do. We can not run ahead to the promised land and miss the journey He has for Hope Rising.
Right now He has focused us on His church and His people. To disciple the way He did.  He has placed a native pastor in our paths that we will be building up and working alongside.  Why the church first?  Because that's where God has led us.
Many “orphanages” in Haiti are filled with “orphans” who have parents, they have just been given up in hopes of a better life.  We do not want to promote child abandonment and want to keep families together if at all possible. Are there true orphans in Haiti?  Yes, but those won't be the ones that find you, they will be the ones that need to be found.  How will we find them?  We feel like this is exactly why God has us starting the church.  The people in the community know the needs of the community better than we ever would.  They know that little Johnny's mom died and father left and he has been staying on the streets for three months.  They know that Adel is very ill and can not physically care for her three grandchildren that were left to her when her daughter died. They know the mother in the mountains that died from child birth but the baby survived and has no relative willing to take it in. Yes, we hear these “stories”, but the native people in the community know the legitimate needs around them.  Gods ways are not our ways and we must trust that He knows what He is doing because HE DOES.  We are excited to meet the children God has prepared for us and pray for them already but we can't loose focus on what He has for us today.
It reminds me alot of when Jesus was on his way to raise Jarius 12 year old daughter from the dead.  That was His goal, that was where He was headed, but on His way what happened?  A woman with a blood condition touched the hem of his garment and He stopped, healed her, and gave her His attention.  This story is very relatable to Haiti.  There are people with physical and spiritual needs all around us everyday.  It is easy to get so focused on our goal that we don't stop to take care of that person that needs our (Jesus') touch and attention right then.  Yes, our goal may be good, but if we are missing what's best then its' all for nothing.
What has your focus been on?  Is God trying to change your focus? Have you missed something? Enjoy today for we are not promised tomorrow. Don't miss what He has for you.