Faithful Few

I don’t even know where to start. So many things going on in my mind and I feel like I need to share them. We have a team here this week doing a kids camp on the property and yesterday was the first day. I had expected a little over 200 just based on the number from the previous medical clinic but we had more than double that number! We had planned to provide a small snack but we were not prepared for that many kids so we chose to forgo the snack idea. I had a feeling we would have fewer kids today just because of that very reason that they did not get anything. I never imagined it was have been as dramatic of a drop as it was though. I was a little concerned as we walked out to the property to find no one. We set up a larger tent to accommodate more children and planned to split up into multiple groups that would be more manageable. We continued to wait for awhile before starting because we just knew they would all start arriving any minute. They never did. We went from 400 plus kids to 24. We all started to question “what did we do wrong”, “why aren’t they coming”. Then one of the parents from the neighborhood told us that they did not come because they did not get anything yesterday. We were encouraged by our translators to make sure from now on we tell teams to expect large numbers and be prepared to have something for them. This has burdened me all day. I knew Haitians always wanted and expected handouts from Americans, but I guess I was surprised how many children had already followed suit in their views of us. If they had only known we had a gift for them. Not from us, but from our Father who sent us. A gift that is more pure than gold and more precious than silver. A gift that no one could take away from them.
God showed me something today and now what are we going to do? Are we going to give in and give the people what they want so they will show up? Don’t our churches in America do the same thing? Don’t most Christians expect to get something when they go to church? Don’t many Christian leave churches because they are not offering enough to them? Don’t most churches give in to the demands of the people and try to draw large crowds by any means at any cost? Are we not just as selfish? Is it right or wrong to give the people what they want? I began to look to the life of Jesus for the answer. Who did He minister to? Those who had faith. Who did He bless? Those who had faith. Who did He disciple? Only 12 who had faith. Who did He please? His Father in heaven.
Yes, God drew huge crowds for a time in his ministry, but did He do it by giving people what they wanted? No. By pleasing the religious church leaders? No. The people began placing demands on Jesus. Telling Him how to minister, who to minister to, when to minister. Did He give them what they wanted or did He take the few faithful and pour into their lives. It was not about quantity, but quality with Christ’s ministry. So why are we as a church so concerned with pleasing people and the things of this world when those are the they very things Jesus told us not to be concerned with?
So today I am so thankful for the 24 few faithful children we had. Coming anyway, knowing they would not be receiving anything materialistic. But guess what? God blessed their faithfulness with a bracelet that tells of His love for them, a drink, a snack, and a sucker. Isn’t that how God always works? If we a faithful to Him, He promises to be faithful to us. Giving us more than we think or imagine.