How did I get here?

Do you ever wish you were doing something different?  Do these thoughts sound familiar? “Why do I have to do this when I should be doing something else? When will God move me to a different position? I deserve to be doing __________(blank). Why does ‘so and so’ get to do it when I am so much more qualified? Well if I can’t do what I want then I just won’t do anything”. I could go on and on with examples. I am not going to lie, I have had thoughts similar to this and if you are honest with yourself, you have too.
I was walking down the road with Joel to our in-laws today just thinking about how within a months time we will be moving to Haiti.  Thinking how surreal yesterday morning’s church service was sitting in front of those kids for the last time.  I still cannot believe it is over.  How did I get here?  Immediately God took my thoughts back to a sermon.  I cannot remember who said it or what their exact words were but it was about being faithful.  If you are faithful in the little things, He will entrust you with bigger things. 
I looked back over my Christian walk thinking how is started out just being faithful to go to church every Sunday.  Then I began to be faithful going to Sunday school every week.  Then He gave me a place to serve in the church.  At first it was nursery but God saw my faithfulness and began adding to the workload.  He added adult choir, then women’s ministry, then preschool choir, then a worship dance ministry, then kid’s choir, then missions, and now Haiti. Would God have chosen to increase our load if I had not even been faithful to come to church? Would He have considered us for Haiti if we were not even serving at home?  Probably not.  Just like your job.  Are you going to go from working in the mailroom straight to being boss?  Unlikely.
What more will he add to us?  Who knows, but I want to be faithful and find out.  God has also taught me that there is a difference in doing things out of obligation and doing things out of loving obedience.  No assignment from God should be looked at as menial.  Why would He ask you to do something if it was not important to Him?  Maybe He just needs to test your faithfulness because He has bigger things in store.  Please don’t take this wrong; I am talking to myself even more than I am you.  I have definitely looked at some things God wanted me to do as “menial” and “beneath me”.  I have been guilty time and time again of having thoughts like those mentioned earlier.  Not only having the thoughts, but also verbalizing them.  Praying that God will test us and that we would be found faithful. Get ready!