Camped out.

Some of you who have done the bible study “One in a Million” by Pricilla Shirer know exactly what I am talking about when I say God has us camped out at “Etham”.  Those of you that haven't, I will explain in a minute.
So I started doing 14 days of love for Matt leading up to Valentine's.  Leaving him little gifts and notes in the mornings.  A few days into it Matt started leaving things for me.  Very sweet and unlike him.  Last nights note however came alive this morning in my bible study.  He wrote “glad you're by my side no matter where the TRAIL may lead” with a box of trail mix attached (which we always take as a snack on trips to Haiti).  So I have been studying about the Israelites journey to the promised land and this is what today said…

“When lifted against the backdrop of our own standards, thoughts, and expectations, the road God chooses for us is not often the road we might expect.”(never in our minds did we think Haiti) “He often chooses a wilderness journey for us to give us an opportunity to experience Him in a way we might miss in a place of ease and convenience.” (ease and convenience? that is the definition of America right?)
“I believe Etham describes the place where God gives a vision of what's coming. It's a place of final decision where He lets us camp out to consider the challenge ahead. He's asking us to choose a full-time ministry, we have to decide if we will follow where He is leading and trust that He knows what He is doing. Etham is the place where you don't know all of the details of the life God is choosing, but a quick look at the tumbleweed blowing across the landscape lets you know it will be dry. Does God have you camped at an “Etham” right now?

We initially told God yes and began to follow Him out of our Egypt. He has definitely been showing us glimpses, not all so good in our minds. And after knowing now what we know and having seen what we have seen He is asking us again…”will you continue to follow Me?”
“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways, declares the Lord.” Isaiah 55:8
I have learned to be ok with the wait because it is God telling us to wait and not man.  It is nice to know now why we have had to wait and we still give our “yes” to His way.