I am a Slave.

Who wants to be a slave?  No one.  But whether we want to be or not we are ALL slaves.  We are either slaves to sin or slaves of righteousness. Thank about it. Slaves do not get to choose their master…their master chooses them.  Just as Christ chose us, we did not choose Him. I am a slave of Christ and with that comes complete freedom.  Not freedom to do as I wish, but freedom through obedience.
Why are we slaves of Christ?  Because He bought us with His blood and it says so in the bible.  I just recently learned this myself by studying a book called “SLAVE”by John MacArthur.  The greek word “doulos” was incorrectly translated in the English versions as servant.  However, when translated correctly it says slave. In todays time we have a misconception of slavery which may be why they chose to translate the word as servant.  We envision something like the movie “ROOTS” where all masters are horrible and all slaves are abused, but in Roman times slavery was completely different.  A lot of masters would choose to adopt their slaves as sons and allow them to become part of the family and even give them an inheritance. Sound familiar? We have a good Master who we are slaves to yet He has also chosen to adopt us as sons and give us an inheritance.
My favorite name of God has always been Adonai meaning Lord.  It now means more to me than it did before.  He is my LORD and I am His possession subject to His authority. I have no rights to myself no matter what the US constitution says. I highly recommend doing this study if you have not.  We have had such a misconception of who we are in Christ.
“Where our Authorized Version softly puts it “servant” it really is “bond-slave.” The early saints delighted to count themselves Christ's absolute property, bought by him, owned by him, and wholly at his disposal. Paul even went so far as to rejoice that he had the marks of his Master's brand on him.” Charles Spurgeon
So I want to rejoice in my slavery, for my Master is good.