Our Call part 3

We went on a marriage retreat with our Sunday School class. We knew that we really never talked about things, but it really hit home when we played the newlywed game. We knew nothing about each other. I mean not even first date or first kiss. We were both there, how could we not remember. Anyway, doesn’t matter. So we get home from the marriage retreat and that is what got us to talking. Matt ended up beating around the bush but finally said “have you ever thought maybe when I retire, doing missions like in a foreign country?” I said “yes, but God told me that is why we home school our kids and it is now, not when you retire”. Yeah, no beating around the bush with me. He said the only reason he had not said anything to me was because he knew I would have gone out and put a FOR SALE sign in our yard the next day (which by the way, it is for sale so please spread the word). God really has a since of humor because the next day my devotional was the story of the rich man…”sell all your possessions, take up your cross, and follow me”. I asked Matt if I could go buy the FOR SALE sign now :-).