Our Call part 2

Ok, I have to stop and tell you my side for a minute before I can continue. So, I was not called at a young age or anything. When Matt and I got married he told me he wanted me to homeschool our kids. This completely shocked me since he was not homeschooled and I was not homeschooled. But I just obeyed without question. I remember he really didn’t even have a reason as to why he wanted me to. Neither of us had anything against the public school system like so many other homeschool families you hear about. But God soon revealed to me that we homeschool because we are going to be missionaries (I did not mention this to Matt, he would have thought I was crazy). So life goes on as normal until Elaine Williams starts a disciple class for women using the book “Discerning the Voice of God” by Pricilla Shirer (if you have not done this study….DO IT). God used this study to speak so clearly to me about my relationship with Him and how to really become closer to him so I can hear when He is speaking and what He is saying. My relationship with the Holy Spirit will never be the same. If it was not for me being able to hear so clearly from God none of this would have come about. During that time God clearly revealed to me that we would be international missionaries and He expected immediate obedience. I really stuggled as a wife with this information because Matt had still not talked to me about His calling. I knew that God would not call me to lead our family because it was not in His character. God called the man to be the head of the household and leader. So I waited, prayed,waited,prayed,got frustrated but kept waiting and praying. Many sleepless nights went by crying out to God for Matt to say something. I knew God was calling him. FINALLY……to be continued 🙂