Our Call part 1

So, I have never done the blogging thing but I figure it is long overdue. Since this is my first post it will be long, so buckle up! I just want to share with you God’s call on Matt and I lives to be missionaries. Matt was initially drawn by the Spirit at a young age around 10. Obviously for a 10 year old this was a very scary thought and not only did he not pursue it, he didn’t tell anyone about it. Later in life around 17, J. Harold Smith came to his church and again he felt God calling him to missions but didn’t want to leave his family and everything he loved. Matt then went on to college and found a job that he absolutely loved treating kidney stones. He was truly happy, of course who wouldn’t be married to me :-). Anyway, at the time he was doing the devotional “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers and God was continually calling him to the point that he put the devotional up because he didn’t want to hear it anymore. Time out for a minute……just so everyone knows, I knew nothing of this call until a few months ago. Yeah, we are not the best at communicating. But all in God’s timing. So Matt was eventually paranoid at any mention of missions, mission trips, anyone surrendering to the ministry. He was so scared someone knew or would find out about the call and then he wouldn’t be able to ignore it any longer. God is very persistent!! He will call and call and call and call until you answer! To be continued…..